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Social Media Monitoring Software and Analytics Solution
Monitoring software

Listen, Measure, Manage

Listen to the most active medium of social media and get insights about your brand, company, product and services across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, Forums etc. a marketing plan is incomplete without Social Media Monitoring.

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Social Media Analytics

Get actionable insights and trends in the form of best of the class reports that are generated by crunching numerous data points Social Media Analytics is the new age weaponry for the marketing warfare.

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Understand the Sentiments

Understand the pulse of the people regarding your company, products, posts and campaign across platform and exploit it to engage with them. The NLP based sentiment analyzer helps you do exactly that.

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Social Media Lead Generation

Social Media Lead Generation Campaigns

Manage your social campaigns across various social platforms using a single interface. Generate leads out these campaigns and harness the power of best of the class reporting to make your campaigns more effective.

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Use Cases

  • Increasing marketing effectiveness casestudies

    Social Media monitoring for
    increasing marketing effectiveness

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  • Competition Analysis casestudies

    Competition Analysis using
    Social Media Monitoring

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  • social media analytics software

    Customer Service using
    Social media monitoring

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  • Social Media Lead Generation casestudies

    Lead Generation with
    Social Media Monitoring

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