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Social Media Campaign Management Platform

Social media has become an indispensable channel for marketing and business intelligence. The large user bases of the social media platforms and enormous data generated by them opens up a new channel of marketing and analytics for businesses around the world. Social media marketing is no more a good to have but a must have marketing technique. It offers ways to engage with prospective customers, brand advocates and detractors that were hitherto unheard of. The most innovative planners, marketers, advertisers and public relations agencies already have or want to have social media marketing in their weaponry. Social Media Campaign Management tool is complete suite for running your social media marketing initiatives. It allows you to plan, create, run and track campaigns.

SocialClout empowers the businesses to make best use of the social web.

We are group social media management practitioners who are passionate about empowering businesses to derive maximum out of their social media management program. We are committed to help organizations to generate business value by using social media management tools and realize the goals of their social media initiatives.

SocialClout is a complete social media monitoring suite that empowers businesses to harness the social media web by monitoring, creating and publishing contents and analyzing the data to derive actionable insights. It works as a Social Media Aggregator and allows you to track and interact with users on multiple social channels using a single interface. Developed to provide a comprehensive and integrated set of social intelligence and monitoring capabilities, SocialClout is the only software platform an enterprise business needs to listen, monitor, and manage its social activities. Using the Social Media Tracking software you can keep a tab on the activities on your social profiles on various channels. Social Media Tracking helps you to identify influencers, detractors and prospective clients.

We understand how Social Media can help you drive business goals and enhance your online presence. SocialClout offers

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