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Analyze data and social ROI.png Data is of no use if you cannot make a meaningful insight out of it. Analyze the insight you need to control, adapt, and drive business outcomes.

SocialClout analyses numerous data points across social web and helps convert data into actionable insights. It obtains insights, reviews trends by crunching the humongous data and helps maximize your social ROI. It provides rich reporting dashboards with in-depth analysis using social intelligence right out of the box.
Analyze Social Media Measurement

Social Media Measurement

Once put into action, Socialclout captures large amount of data relevant to your brand pages from various social channels. It then crunches the data to produce insightful and actionable metrics. These metrics help you take decisions that drive business results. For example, SocialClout delivers analytics to maximize your social reach and measure your efforts across various platforms. You can also track operational and marketing metrics, content-driven engagement and conversion metrics.

These analyses also deliver metrics that let you know how your products and brands stack up against your competitors, thereby helping you take appropriate action to counter competition.
Analyze Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

SocialClout’s analytics help you understand in which platform and forum your brand, product, or services is talked about. It also helps in Identifying which campaigns and activities generate the most attention so you can take advantage of the opportunity to engage and optimize your efforts towards various social media channels.

Therefore you can concentrate on the social platforms that aren’t performing as well and adapt your strategies to improve.
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