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All major social media channels

Comprehensive coverage of all major social media channels

With SocialClout you get access to the most comprehensive database of social conversations, with real time coverage. Be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn, you will never miss out on any conversations that are relevant to your brand! The Social Media Monitoring tool enables businesses to monitor the activities happening on various channels closely.

SocialClout Identify key influencers and analyze competition

Keyword Search

Keyword search allows users to search for mentions of keywords from Twitter. Users can track their name, brand, services and even their competitor’s mention on various social networks. Keyword search can also be used to find the Share of Voice of a particular product/brand/service in an industry or product category. Keyword search facility definitely strengthens the social media monitoring and listening efforts by allowing users to discover what people are saying about you, your business, your products or any other topic in real-time.

SocialClout Insightful and presentable reports and analysis

Insightful Reports

The output of Social Media Analytics tool are rich Reporting dashboard and hundreds of KPIs covering engagement, audience, competition, campaigns, leads, etc. are made available out-of-the-box. SocialClout analyzes numerous data points and generates insightful, easily understandable and presentation ready reports, with the ability to drill down to the level of tweets, posts, and mentions. The reports give clear line of sight on all social activity affecting your business and you can track trends on your social activities, operations, products, services and competitors with few clicks.

Take your analysis to the next level by using SocialClout

Engagement workflow

The Social Media Engagement tool provides an aggregated view of the activities across social platforms like Facebook and twitter. It aggregates tweets, posts from your various social channels at single screen, gives you a single interface to track all the social pages. The integrated NLP based sentiment analysis engine provides the sentiments of all the posts and tweets. This helps in keeping track of the pulse of the users about your product/brand.

SocialClout Schedule reports

Geography and Demographics

Learn where the conversations are happening by country, state or city; as well as who are involved in the conversations by gender and profession, age etc. These help the user in segmenting the market and opt for differentiated marketing. The Social Media Tracking tool helps you in tracking your potential customers.

SocialClout Automated sentiment analysis

Automated sentiment analysis

The automated NLP based sentiment analysis engine allows users to understand the sentiment of the online mentions of their brand/Products. It helps in identifying your brand advocates and responding to any kind of negative sentiments. The Sentiment analyzer is a part of the Social Media Engagement tool.

Geography and Demographics report

Identify key influencers

Identify individuals who are talking about you the most or have largest following. SocialClout highlights which social users are mentioning your brand, product, company and in which platform. You can engage with them to create a mutually beneficial relationship. SocialClout identifies influencers by impact (the number of followers the user has) and by volume (the number of posts about a topic). Engaging with the influencers can go a long way in building a strong brand and has a multiplying effect on the number of followers of your brands. The Social Media Engagement tool helps you in identifying influencers and detractors by allowing you to monitor the activities on social channels.

Socialclout Identify key influencers and analyze competition

Competitive Analysis

SocialClout can be a great help to study your competitors and find out how you stack up against the competitors. You can configure your competitor’s pages in SocialClout and generate competitive analysis reports to figure out what are your competitors doing and what should you do to be a step ahead in the competition. The Social Media Tracking tool helps keep a tab on activities of your competitors as well.

Comprehensive Help, Support and Documentation

Campaign Management, Social Lead Generation

The Social Media Campaign Management tool of SocialClout helps you plan and run social campaigns across various social media platforms. You can keep a track of these campaigns through comprehensive reporting and make changes in the strategy depending on the response you see through these reports. These campaigns are very effective in generating social leads when run smartly. SocialClout provides reports on social leads generated through campaigns. These leads are pretty low on the sales funnel and chances of conversion of these leads are pretty high.

Socialclout Identify key influencers and analyze competition

Comprehensive Help, Support and Documentation

The easy to use and intuitive interfaces of SocialClout are backed by hours of video tutorials, text tutorials, blogs, reports and whitepapers. We also provide Email/ Online Form Support and Telephone support.

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