Social Media Lead Generation and customer engagement– SocialClout
SocialClout generate leads Social campaigns are an important tool in a marketer’s weaponry. They help not only in creating brand awareness but also in generating valuable leads.

Although there are several other methods of lead generation like paid advertisement and Google adwords, using SocialClout for lead generation can drastically reduce the cost of acquisition of customer thereby making you more competitive.
Generate Leads using SocialClout

Campaign Management

Social Campaign Management empowers you to plan, schedule and run your campaigns across various social channels. Prepare your social campaign calendar; deploy campaigns effectively across channels, markets, and demographic segments; monitor the responses and analyze the trends; compare various campaigns and measure effectiveness of these initiatives.

You can enforce consistency in the campaigns across various channels and optimize the tactics. Integrated reporting to track the metrics, conversion rates, channel effectiveness gives complete control on your social campaigns.
SocialClout Real Time Marketing

Generate Leads

By monitoring the conversations and response to your campaigns smartly you can generate leads. The responses to campaigns are mined scientifically to identify the probable leads. In built workflow allows you to engage with leads instantly, also you can quickly download the leads data to share with your sales team to reach out the customers.
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