Sentiment analyzer finds pulse of the conversation - SocialClout
Understand the sentiments SocialClout with the automated sentiment analysis engine helps you understand the sentiments of the online mentions and posts on your social channels. It tells you how people are feeling about your posts, campaigns. Knowing the sentiments helps you in two ways.

It helps you in identifying the advocates of your brands and it also helps you identifying with customers/users that are negative about your brands/products.
Sentiment Monitoring

Sentiment Monitoring

Map all the facebook pages and twitter accounts which you want to monitor and track the conversations real-time. SocialClout gives a single interface to view all posts and comments from various social channels aggregated. The NLP based technology gives automated sentiment analysis of each post and comments.

You can filter and monitor only positive or negative comments and respond to your audience quickly. It also helps to gauge the performance of your campaigns over a period of time with the sentiment trends.
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