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Twitter is an ocean of opportunities for marketers. With close to 250 million active users and more than 500 million tweets everyday twitter provides an online marketer with a huge number of users to engage with. Social media marketing is still at a nascent stage and people are still playing with ideas. In such a scenario, you won’t be surprised if you see marketers ask questions like What is engagement, what is reach, how do I engage with the users, what is the best time to engage with the users, how frequently should I try to engage and stuffs like that.

Marketers are still not sure about the definition of the twitter metrics let alone the big question that still remains to be answered. That is what metrics we should measure. What metrics you or your business should track solely depends on the goals of social media initiatives. For example a B2C marketer would be more interested in engaging with users and identifying influencers as a result would be interested in metrics like engagement, which user is engaging more with the brand. On the other hand, a B2B marketer trying to build a brand for the organization would be interested in reaching as many people as possible with his message and would be interested in metrics like reach and impressions.

Twitter Analytics is a much used jargon now-a-days. Somebody who wants to understand twitter analytics and take decisions must understand the underlying metrics. Here is an attempt to list and define the important twitter metrics for the benefit of the marketers.

No. of followers = No. of followers of your handle at any point of time.
No. of followers is a simple metric to understand how people are liking or relating to your brand.

Engagement = @Replies + Retweets + Mentions + Favorites
Engagement encompasses all the ways in which a user can interact with your brand/product/company handle.

Potential Reach = No. of users mentioning your brand + No. of followers of those users
Potential Reach gives you an idea of No. of users who may have seen your tweets.

Potential Impression = No. of times a tweet from your handle or mentioning your handle could appear in users timelines.

Twitter Share of Voice = No. of mentions your brand has out of all the mentions in a product/brand category (including competitors).

Share of Voice is a very important metric to gauge the competitive landscape.

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